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The sources for the start of the census districts (rotar) in Stockholm are

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Thanks for Your comments.

I began using start_date and end_date but saw this edit. Using the date namespace solves some problems whict start and end_date can’t cope with.

In most cases I have given some source. It looks like this. The handling of sources is another question which should be carefully considered. I have used a great number of maps for my edits, in most cases just to make sure that I have not missed something. Few edits are based on a specific map and most edits are also based on text sources, normally the SCB censuses or corresponding Stockholm municipality statistics. The geometries are, if possible, taken from the dataset made available by Valmyndigheten, if a geometry is missing there, my second hand choice is a trace of Ekonomiska kartan. They can also be taken from other maps.

The most important sources are:

Valmyndigheten, valdistrikt

SCB censuses

Stockholms statistiska årsbok, both maps and info about changes.

Lantmäteriet, kronologiska and alfabetiska registret from “Historiska kartor”

Lantmäteriet, whathever relevant maps are available

I have asked Lantmäteriet for permission to use Valmyndigheten’s data, and maps from “Historiska kartor” as sources. The permission is the OTRS ticket mentioned

I had some idea that the border markers should be geolocated with a gps-device and that tracing is a second best while waiting for someone to visit the place.